The Rekindled Darkness of Beauty and The Beast

The hype around the new Beauty and the Beast adaptation is astounding, and with the Official teaser trailer being released we are seeing it go down a much darker path. Which as some of you (most of you) will know, is where the story originates. Like most of Disney’s stories they were adapted from the much darker tales of Hans Christian Anderson, and from the looks of things Disney is bringing us back there. So I thought I would do a little breakdown of the trailer, and talk about what we have learnt from it.

What can we interpret from the location and setting?

Screen+Shot+2016-05-23+at+9.39.21+AMIn the opening we see a very dark blue toned image of the castle, full of shadows and only one dimly lit room. This is already setting up the isolation and loneliness of the life the beast leads, and that is most certainly not a happy place. Once we are inside we see the warm beams of light shining in on a very extravagant yet neglected room, with grand chandeliers and a grand piano being the only furniture. The house creaks, there are leaves inside, cobwebs on the furniture, you know that whoever lives here has given up on it entirely and brings up the important question on why someone would give up on something so beautiful.

Is it love that is at the key to humanity?

6f2e8ccb94_Beauty-And-The-Beast6-586x243We are finally in the one room full of life, and warmth from the light of the candles, and you make the connection that this is the room we saw from outside. It must also be the heart of the house, the only room that truly matters. As that connection is made we see the portrait of a family hanging proudly on the wall. What happens next is what brings it all together, the cut to the close up of the young boys face, for it too have been scratched by a set of animals claws. The child in the picture is now the beast, and he clings onto the idea of love and family as it is the only connection to humanity that he has left.

Aren’t we all excited about Emma Roberts as Belle?

belleNow as if by magic, the girl enters the building. She is the one who is going to help him get his humanity back, she is the symbol of love and hope that could break the curse. We hear cheerful loving music as we zoom out from the single iconic rose in the bell jar, which represents a whole load of things but most importantly love. Now as the focus changes we see the first face of the trailer, and we finally see Emma Roberts as Belle, which the whole world has been loosing there mind over (including me).

When will the live action trend end? 

Beauty-And-The-Beast-e1463964255764The trailer ends with the iconic line ‘be our guest’ with the date, 3.7.17 as a single rose petal drops. All the feelings and emotions resurfacing from the original animation into a live action one is driving everyone into a frenzy, and with Disney pretty much making this a trend now – I can say for sure this is one I’m most excited about.

What if they were horror films?

5ca75ff51fa269afcea8427e84c9e511Seeing all these live action adaptations I can’t help but let the horror lover in me think of how cool these would be if they went down a much more sadistic path.. I mean in my dreams one day I would love too see a dark live action My Little Mermaid in the works, with the image of sowing her legs back together because she craves everything she has given up. You guys let me know in the comments if that is something you would like too see also!


Why I’m Team Cap.

So with the latest Captain America: Civil War film causing a whole load of hype, so is the question of team cap or team iron man alongside it. Now don’t get me wrong Tony I love ya and your wit, but you don’t have a place in my heart like Steve does. So I’m going to breakdown the main reasons and explain why I’m on his side, because most people do not agree with me. Also heads up, SPOILERS will probably occur but I’m assuming if you are reading this you have already seen the movie.

He will never give up on something he believes in, he has so much passion and drive for what he wants. So he doesn’t want to sign the accords, that is his choice and he has every right to want to do that. He would be giving away his rights and putting them in the hands of the government, and from every film I have seen before that is never a good idea. BUT I do understand the reasoning behind it, and it’s a brilliant issue to bring up of how many people get injured in the aftermath that people never talk about in action / superhero films.

Now imagine what he is like when it comes to them coming after the only person he truly loves and basically represents his home. He is not going to give him up without a fight, especially when he knows deep down in his heart that he is being set up. You have to remember that Steve was born in a completely different time and everything that he knew has gone, especially after Peggy’s funeral. Bucky is literally everything to him, so I’d say if I was in that position I would act recklessly and  impulsively as well.

I feel like what everyone keeps on forgetting is that IT WASN’T BUCKY. IT WAS HYDRA. Now I know if you saw the face and body of the host who killed your parents you would want to kill  him, and it would break your heart to know that someone you held close to you has held it from you. HOWEVER, imagine the overwhelming pain that Bucky must feel knowing that he has hurt all these people while he was not in control of your own mind.

Steve is still the same person he was when he was trying to get in the army. A stubborn boy who is goofy and awkward around girls and will do anything to protect the people that he loves. I just love that no matter what has happened to him and what has changed he still stays true to himself.


Breakdown of the Season 2.0 Trailer of Mr Robot.

Control is an illusion.

The trailer starts with the ominous sound of Elliot’s father in his head, which immediately signals to us that Mr. Robot is back controlling him, and that his mental illness is at a high and very dangerous point. He is unpredictable, dangerous and not certain of what he is capable of. We see the games room where it all started, dark, isolated and empty. It basically mirrors how Elliot views the world and his place in it.

We are then cut to a dark, blue toned room where we see him and his father, signalling we are seeing things from Elliot’s perception. He utters the words ‘I remember I woke up three days later’ and this suggests that the rest of what we see in the trailer, and what is too come in the series is going to be a breakdown of what happened in those three days. Elliot is going to have to struggle and fight with controlling his mind to remember it.

Darlene is shown fighting to show the world what F Society are capable of, and that they are being supported. Suggesting that she is trying to prove to her brother that he is not alone, because his overwhelming sense of loneliness and isolation was his biggest battle in the first season. However we are then shown someone closing an evidence case directly before an image of Darlene laid on the floor breaking down, upset and undressed. The trailer is creating and enigma about what the closed case is and suggesting that she is involved in it.

Images of his father are shown a lot, demonstrating that he is still a massive part of this series, and ultimately that Elliot is losing the battle to keep him out of his head. Loosing control. Deep down Elliot thinks that if he wants F-Society to make a difference, then he needs to lose control and let his father take over. But what he needs to remember is that he still has control of his mind, it is him that is achieving all this. He needs to make the connection that the trailer states, that control is an illusion.



Films I’m excited about from the Cannes 2016 Interest List.

As most film buffs know, Cannes is one of the most – if not THE most (in my eyes) well respected, trusted and prestigious film festivals. They always pick the best of the best from around the globe, and they never fail to disappoint. So with recently having a gander at the list, I have decided to pull out and talk about two of the ones I am most excited about.

  1. The Neon Demon

I first saw this trailer a few weeks ago and was absolutely hypnotized by it. I love the use of colour, the focus on the modelling, (which I’m sure is going to have a very heavy and dark message behind) and the overall fell of alienation – like they are in another world. It slightly made me think of Darren Aronofsky’s  Black Swan – which is easily in my top films. It looks different, clever and challenging. Cannot wait for this one.

2. Café Society

One – It’s directed by & written by Woody Allen. Two – Jesse Eisenberg & Kristen Stewart (Adventureland, anyone?) Three – it is set in the 1930’s, so the costumes and set designs look amazing, and the colour palette is too die for. I feel like those three things are definitely enough for me to be excited about this film.



Why Amazon Originals are Killin’ it.

So Amazon Prime is Amazon’s online streaming service that works very similar to that of Netflix, however you get access too music and one day delivery services on certain products. Also heads up if you’re a fellow student like me, you’ll get 6 months free. But that’s enough off all that boring stuff, I’m not promoting them. However I am very excited about the amazing Amazon Original T.V. Shows they have to offer.

Much like Netflix, Amazon have there own productions, and they have everyone very excited. The first one I watched, and arguably the most renowned / prestigious is Mr Robot. This show is simply incredible. It’s a very unique story that deals with a lot of sensitive issues that are hidden underneath the blatant attack at capitalist driven society. The show deals with addiction, loneliness, loss and mental health in a very intimate study of the lead Elliot. I seriously recommend this one as very refreshing, and not like anything else I have seen before.

I have also recently just started watching The Man in the High Castle, a book adaptation of what the world would be like if the Nazi’s won the war. A dystopian, yet set up to look like a historical drama it is again a very refreshing show unlike anything I have seen. It is going to be interesting to see how the different character arcs develop, and I can’t wait to watch more.However if you’re not into the heavy drama / thrillers there are more easy watching shows like Mozart in the Jungle and Red Oaks. They are both equally good, light hearted shows with lovable characters.

Now this is most definitely not a paid promotion of the service, I’m just genuinely surprised with the originality and diversity of the Amazon original shows which you can access via the Amazon Prime services. So yeah, if ya fancy something different I’d give it a shot. (6 months free for students,  1 month free if not)



Why going through Phases is OK

Oh the age old concept that all you do it go through ‘phases’ and that they don’t amount to anything just because you don’t constantly stay in one. Let me tell you now, all those phases that you go through all come together to make us the people we are today. We still carry aspects of all those phases with us, and without them we would be completely boring. So why is the concept of it so stigmatised?

Now I will willingly say now that in my 19 years I have been through a lot of phases, however what you have to keep in mind is that what to you is a phase to someone else is a lifestyle. So I’m just putting that lil disclaimer there so that I don’t offend anyone.

So I’ve been the emo kid, the scene kid, the bloody ‘indie’ girl. You name it, I’ve probably been apart of it. But each lifestyle introduced a world of things to me, one most importantly being music. I am still as bigger BMTH fan as I am of The Arctic Monkeys, and I ADORE that because at least it gives me diversity. I’ve adapted my style, and pull together all aspects of my past I can look like a typical grunge kid with ripped jeans and a band tee, to then looking like a preppy girly girl in a pinafore dress and cute shirt.

I think what I’m trying to say is that you should not be ashamed of your past, and to say you have experimented, and that even in adulthood you can still go through a phase and that doesn’t matter! It all just makes you who you are as a character and makes you more diverse, and that is never a bad thing.