The Comeback of Vinyl & First Impressions of The Dark Side of the Moon 40th Anniversary Special| UNIT X

There is something special about the crackling rawness at the beginning of a record, nothing can come close to it’s unique sound. Now for some reason our society is craving for this physical interactive form of listening to music as the vinyl record sale industry has been on the rise for a few years. In 2014 The BBC Reported in an article which you can find here that record sales were at an 18-year high with selling over 1 million records in the UK alone.  Martin Talbot sums this up perfectly within the article:

In an era when we’re all talking about digital music, the fact that these beautifully physical artifacts are still as popular as they are is fantastic.”

Now what drew me to start collecting vinyl is the sense of community that comes along with it. You go to a record store and can easily start talking about what your looking for and what interests you, it’s a friendly community that is very welcoming. And for me, it’s helped me develop a better relationship with my Dad, we both share a love for vinyl and music in general so we have something we can talk about, and we can go record shopping to try and find hidden jems at markets and so on. It has become a nice way for me to reconnect with him as I’ve got older.

Now to the exciting part of this post that I was working towards, a first impressions look at the amazing 40th Anniversary Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon Vinyl! Get ready for pictures overload…


As you can see from the first two images the sleeve is said to be the same as the original, with the iconic triangle prism cover. The price was £24.99 from HMV, here is what that includes:

  • 180 gram heavyweight vinyl
  • Pink Floyd Stickers
  • Three Posters – one which is a new exclusive
  • Online code to download the album digitally.

For the price, I think the amount that you get is incredible, and is very high quality. When I was looking to buy I rang the expert (my Dad) and he told me that it’s difficult to find the album on vinyl second hand for that price, therefore it is definitely worth it. These are the three posters ( the first one is my favourite – and is also the exclusive) :





The album is one which is very iconic, and if you are someone the respects all music being mixed and jumbled together to create something strange, quirky but more than anything beautiful, you will love this. I made myself not listen to the full album digitally before I got the vinyl and I’m so glad I didn’t. The rawness and echo from the record player gives the album an almost ominous and magical element too it, and you can’t help but become fully emerged within music. I can promise you will never here something like this again, as no one would dare to try and recreate it. It’s a true landmark in music.

Russell Brand, An Inspiration | UNIT X


Russell Brand has been through a lot in his life, most widely known being his battle with drugs. But to look at him now and see how far he has come in his lifetime is a true inspiration. I’ve followed his career for a good few years now, I remember the wild hair and eyeliner in his stand up shows that I would find hilarious, but now his matured into something much more than that. When I stumbled across his Youtube Channel around a year or so ago I had no idea what to expect, and had no idea what The ‘TREWS’ was, and I didn’t realise how much of an eye opener on the world it would be.

Russell lives for equality, which everyone should! No one should desire to be superior to anyone else due to their wealth, success or class. On his channel he discusses the true news, (hence the name ‘TREWS’) of what we see in the tabloids and how there are bigger issues out there that are never raised to question against that of typical celebrity gossip. For example, he discus’ the issues of The Islamic State and how the many children that want to join are in a state the same as all of us, they are undergoing the devastating feeling of, ‘Alienation, loss, and total lack of connection’. So instead of the media creating a moral panic around the use of social media for the use of recruitment they should maybe look at the isolation the children are actually feeling. That was only a mechanism that they were using to reach out due to their feelings, so how can one blame it entirely? (You can find this video HERE)

I’ve notice through his content analysis of the most recent news on a daily basis has really helped me challenge myself to look at things differently and not too just conform to what has been said / what is put in front of me. He has raised my awareness too things that are happening in the world that I would never imagine being true.  I’ve signed to be part of the revolution, and I really want to try to make a difference in whatever way I can to the society in which we live in and I’m so grateful that he has opened me up to the flaws in it and how we really need to do something about it. If you want to know more just watch his weekly news round-up video here, it’s worth it I promise:

No matter the bad reputation that he has had in the past, he seriously knows what he’s talking about. He knows the flaws in the system and raises your awareness to them, and afterwards your never really the same again.

Analysis of my Media Diary | UNIT X

Analysis of my Media Diary



To start off with I actually found it very difficult to keep a track on every time I accessed some form of media, you don’t realise how much of it you actually use until you make yourself aware of it. For instance, in a morning I have somewhat of a routine, I wake up and straight away check the notifications on my phone from many forms of social media, however it mainly comes down to Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. For most days I would forget to write this down, until I remembered later on as it’s just part of my daily routine and I don’t really think much of it. This shows how much social media has actually integrated into our everyday lives, and it seems that it’s almost impossible for our generation to go without it. Which in a lot of ways, is a bad thing as it means our conversations and communications are through online messages and pictures and not face to face. However it does allow us to stay in contact with people that we aren’t able to see and contact much in our day to day lives. For instance I’ve found through being at University I have used Facebook Messenger and Snapchat more to stay in contact and talk to my friends and family from home.

Something that I’ve noticed this week is that a lot of the time I’ve accessed something is when I’ve been around other people, I’ve realised this is because me and my friends have the same taste so we usually then watch things together to share the experience and reactions. As you can see from my media diary most of the films and shows I consumed were whilst I was with my friends. However this did not apply when I binge watched the show Once Upon a Time on Netflix. This is something that is commonly occurring with online streaming of full series instead of watching them weekly on T.V., you aren’t guaranteed to be at the same point as everyone else therefore you don’t share the same experience as you would waiting weekly for an episode. Which in some ways you miss, as you would get excited waiting for the next episode as the suspense would build, but now all you have to do is click next. It seems to be a more isolated experience, even though at the time I was still messaging online about it.

What seems most important about my media diary is one, the fact that I am so reliant on social media and that I’ve got myself into a habit where I do not even realise I’m doing it. Then two how I’m never doing one thing. Even if I’m binge watching a show, I’m still messaging someone about it, and whilst I’m doing work I still have Spotify and YouTube on in the background. We constantly surround ourselves with different forms of media that we find it hard to live without it, and you only start to realise this once you have to take note of it. You really do become a lot more self-aware of your own viewing habits, and of things you need to change.

Harsh Marking | Student Life

Hello Everyone!

Today I want to talk about the importance of harsh marking. Yes, it seems horrible and uncalled for at the time, but from experience it pushes you to try even harder on your next assignment. A few weeks back I got a 2:2 on one of my assignments, and given that is not a particularly bad mark, my tutor picked out everything that was bad about my work and nothing that was good. Given this may seem a little too harsh, but when it came to my next assignment for him I worked so damn hard to try to prove that I was better than that. Which I have to say worked in my favour! When we had tutorials, I had my draft and I was so nervous about it being rubbish. However to my surprise, and his, It was written a whole lot better and clearer than my previous essay. It made me so proud of what I’d achieved and the improvement that I had made.

What I’m getting at, is that if he had been less harsh and just said what was good and didn’t focus on the bad I wouldn’t have felt so determined to improve and show him that I was better than he thought I was. It may seem horrible at the time, and you will more than likely get frustrated and even want to cry. But once you push through it you will realise you need the extra help to get you to reach your full potential, so fingers crossed when I get my mark back I will have improved as much as he wanted me too, but more importantly as much as I wanted too. The most important thing is that I now believe in myself that I can do it no matter how hard the challenge may be, and for me that is something that has taken a long time to get too. So if you ever get harshly critiqued I know it’s so easy to give up and take it personally, but just think of how impressed they will be when you prove them wrong and work your hardest to get to where they expect you to be. You know that they would not be pushing you this hard if they didn’t believe that you could get there.  As always leave any opinions in the comments on your own experiences with harsh critique and marking and how its helped you achieve or maybe if it didn’t

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Requiem For A Dream | Initial Reactions & Opinions.

Requiem For A Dream is the second film by the Director Darren Aronofsky, who is probably most well know for Black Swan, which is one of my favourite films. Whilst I was in Berlin, I attended a Q&A with this Director and decided I wanted to watch all of his previous work, and this film became very highly recommended by the people I was with at the time.

I watched this film with no idea what it was about, all I knew was that it stared Jared Leto from the multiple GIF’s on Tumblr. I will first off state that this film is not for the fainthearted. I believe that I can deal with violence and pain in films relatively well, until I saw this film. But don’t let that fool you, it is one of the post powerful, beautiful, challenging and disturbing films I have ever watched. I don’t want to summarize the plot for you all because I believe the best way to view this film is as I did, not really knowing anything about it. Aronofsky doesn’t like to make films that will cheer you up on a dull day, he is a challenging Director and likes to see how far he can push the boundaries, and he timed it just right. If this film pushed even further, it may have turned out unwatchable.

Now one thing I will say, as it’s something that I always admire and take interest in, is that the film is beautifully edited. One of the best works of editing I have seen for a while, it’s split screens with contrasting yet similar characters works amazingly and the repeated fast cuts of the same sequence of shots throughout the film emphasize the tediousness of their everyday lives.

Anyhow, those are just a few opinions of the film I wanted to get down straight after watching. I hope this intrigues you too see the film, and if you have already seen it I would like to hear if you shared the same views, or if you got something completely different! (I imagine the film being a bit like Marmite)bannerfans_11095254 (1)

I’m going to Berlin! | Student Life

Hello Everyone!
As you can tell by the title, I have some very exciting news! In 3 DAYS I am traveling to Berlin for the annual Film festival with my course! And, if you can’t guess I’m super duper excited. However, I won’t lie it was a slightly last minute thing… as I, I booked flights a week before we go. Crazy, I know, but I am so glad I did because now I cannot wait to go!

What changed my mind on going was the fact that my course decided to be angels and have paid for the accommodation! (And I was assured they don’t do that every year) So all I really needed to pay for was flights and spending money, which is AWESOME.

The film festival is pretty well renowned and will have celebrities there such as Zachary Quinto and James Franco (I KNOW I KNOW I’M FREAKING OUT) I mean Heroes was one of the greatest T.V shows and do not even get me started on AHS. Then Franco in Spring Breakers was one of the greatest performances ever, and did I mention it’s one of my favourite films? Yes, much excite. ANYHOW, if you want to check out what’s on at the festival and all that jazz check it out here:

As always let me know in the comments if you’ve been to Berlin, or live in Berlin for that matter! And if there are any cool places to go that you recommend? bannerfans_11095254 (1)

Assignment Marks and Appreciation | Student Life

Hello Everyone!

Today I finally (after weeks of being messed around) got my marks back from my campaign work! If you haven’t see the post here’s the link:

Now after over thinking everything we had done, and thoughts on how some of the work really wasn’t up to scratch we actually got a 2:1! AMAZING! I am so so happy with this result and again goes to show how much hard work and time really pays off. However, this really isn’t the point of this post. The point of this, is when you start to pay more attention to your percentage, (or if you’re in college / school grade boundaries). I’ve noticed that once you do this – unless you get the highest mark, you don’t appreciate your work as much and start to pull it apart wherever it seems like you could’ve lost marks. For example, today we go 68%, which is 2% away from a First. Now I will admit, this did annoy me a little (a lot) HOWEVER the fact that after this we started to look at our work and blamed what others had done wrong instead of being proud of ourselves for what we have achieved is such a terrible thing to do. But everyone does it, I mean ever your parents when you tell them they almost sound saddened that you didn’t get into the higher grade instead of being 100% proud of you for doing your best, and getting a good grade.

The point I’m trying to make I guess, is that we shouldn’t pay as much details to the negativity because it will eat you alive, instead be proud of how well you have done and the life that you live and know that you did all that you could and that in the end it was worth it. No matter what a few extra marks or percentages say. We all need to be supportive of each other, and not to tear each other apart just so we can be the best. Just a thought I wanted to share. Leave opinions below as usual!

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Girl, Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen | Thoughts & Opinions.

Hello Everyone!

First off I’d like to say I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year and got to spend some quality time with your loved ones! I know I have with this lovely break from Uni (although I am starting to miss it) Now one of my New Years Resolutions was to try and think more / have more of an opinion about what I’ve read / watched / and what’s happening in the world socially and economically. So here I am, doing a post discussing my recent read Girl Interrupted, by Susanna Kaysen, and maybe a bit of comparison to the film adaptation. I will try my best not to include any spoilers, but count this as somewhat of a warning.. just in case!

So to start off with I will try and summarize, the book is a memoir of Kaysen’s time in the famously renowned McLean hospital, (had patients such as Sylvia Plath – I seriously recommend you give The Bell Jar a read if you already haven’t) and her struggle with accepting her mental illness with borderline personality disorder and the friends she made whilst a patient. It’s a very blunt view of being mentally ill, and doesn’t try to glamorize it in any way, unlike the film does by star casting and leaving out parts of the book that are too graphic. This will obviously be partly to do with the fact that it is her own life that she is writing about, which could arguably make you question if what she is saying should be trusted / believable.

Kaysen is truly revealing herself to the world with this, she discusses how confusing her diagnostic was and how she still hasn’t fully come to terms with it now many years in the future. I think she wants to share her thoughts on how she believes that most of what is considered to be a symptom of mental illness is really just part of adolescence, and yes there are somethings that cross the boundaries, but most of the time it’s just part of growing up.  She wants teenagers to read it and connect with what she went through and for them to not feel like they are going through it on there own, that most people in the world of a similar age is feeling the exact same thing.

One thing that I really want to focus on though is the unbearable sexism of Psychiatric diagnostic and hospitalization, Kaysen states this horrible truth towards the end of her book:

‘How many girls do you think a seventeen-year-old boy would have to screw to earn the label “compulsively promiscuous”? Three? No, not enough. Six? Doubtful. Ten? That sounds more likely. Probably in the fifteen -to-twenty range, would be my guess – if they ever put that label on  boys, which I don’t recall their doing. And for seventeen-year-old girls, how many boys?’

This concept is horrible, as is still one that persists today in modern day society 48 YEARS after she was committed. We still get girls labeled ‘slags’ if they have a one night stand, and boys labelled ‘lads’ if they do. When will this negative stereotyping end? Never? It feels like women still lack sexual freedom even after the second wave feminists protested for our right to contraception! This is something that I feel really strongly about and I wish it wouldn’t be so stigmatized.

So.. if you made it to the end thank you for sticking with me! I know this is something very new for my blog, but I really want what I post to be substantial and share my views that I feel very passionately with the world because I feel like it’s a step forward than doing nothing. As always let me know what you thought of my post in the comments, and here’s to a brilliant 2015!

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Hard Work Pays Off! | Student Life

Hello Everyone!

At the end of last week I got my first Essay / Assessment back that I was stressing about a few posts back.. here’s the link to it if you haven’t read it:

Let’s just say, all my hard work and stressed paid off as I got a FIRST! 80%! I am so proud of myself, and just goes to show if you push yourself just that bit further it really does pay off in your grade. I still don’t believe that my grade should’ve been this high, as my self esteem has always been an issue, but none the less I’m so happy with myself! The only problem is that it puts a little bit of pressure on me, because I’ve started off at such a high level, and I feel like they will be expecting such high quality work in the future. But just wanted to let you know that it may seem really stressful and hard when your working on it, but trust me it will all pay off in the end!bannerfans_11095254 (1)

My First Campaign Work | Student Life

Hello Everyone!

Today I’m going to be sharing with you some of my group’s portfolio work for our first Campaign assignment! We where given a real brief, are’s was ‘ARTches’ a Street Art campaign centred in the Northern Quarter of Manchester, and our job was to draw in a target audience, and make people want to visit the Northern Quarter too see the art work and too donate to the Kickstarter campaign that is due to lauch on the 17/2/15, so here is some of the work we produced, enjoy! (And any comments on what we have done, good or bad are helpful in evaluating, so leave any opinions down below)

First up we have the thing that I’m most proud of, our 1 minute short promotional film:

As well as this we created a social media campaign, which included Facebook and Instagram accounts.. Facebook – Instagram – So take a look on them and maybe give them a like or a follow? Would really help us out!

We’ve done a lot more work, just wanted to share this with you because I’m proud of what me and my group have achieved, and wanted to keep you guys updated!

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